Author: Edwina Murphy-Droomer

Whether or not you have been conscious of it until now, the tantalising truth is you are a Leading Lady.
But not just any Leading Lady; you are THE Leading Lady in Your Life Story.
And it is a story that began long before your precious little feet took their first tentative steps on this earth.
It is a story that begins within the lives of all those whose lives are connected to yours, whether through bloodlines or simply through those whose lives intersected with your ancestors’ lives.
I find it awe-inspiring to ponder that I, as did you, spent five months in our grandmother’s womb, being carried through her life story until our mother was born and then through our mother’s life story until we were born.

We were with them every step of the way. Every emotion they felt was ours to feel as well. Every celebration, every heartbreak, every rise and every fall.

All of it lives in us at a cellular level.

So yes, your life story began long ago, and the number of fabulous twists and turns that have already occurred are mind-blowing.

Imagine if it was a story made into a movie!

Hmmm, now there’s a thought worth pondering…  

What is within you now is a treasure trove of experiences, the good and the bad, all worthy of acknowledgment for what they have taught you about what you do and don’t want.

And now, with the wisdom of hindsight, you can formulate a plan for the next chapter of your life story.

A chapter that will fill you with pride for who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

It is the difference between boldly shimmying into the driver’s seat and courageously taking control of the wheel or passively sitting in the passenger seat.

It’s your choice.

As a Vision Building Mentor, Life Coach, and CEO of The Vision Builders Academy, I have been supporting women to design and bring to life their dream future since 2017.

 And I want you to know that when you are ready to step fully into being the magnificent leading lady you were born to be, I am here.

 All you need do is ask.

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Talk soon!