Author: Edwina Murphy-Droomer

Some questions to ponder: 

  • What is that I like about her?
  • How does she treat other people? Does she treat them as you would like to treat others?
  • How does she walk through hard situations? Would you like to do it the same way?
  • Can you imagine hanging out with her? Would she inspire you to be a better version of yourself?
  • Does she inspire you to be bolder? In what ways do you wish you were bolder?
  • How does she dress? Do you want to dress like her?
  • How does she allow others to treat her? Is this something you aspire to?
  • What sort of friend is she? Is this something you wish to cultivate more of?
  • Where does she live? Country/city/suburbs? What sort of house does she live in? Is this what you want too?
  • Is she self-assured? (A self-assured woman takes control and accountability for her life. She’s very intentional with where she invests her time and energy. She might not have her life altogether yet, but she has a clear vision of what she wants from life and is taking responsibility for bringing that vision to life.)
  • Is she sexy/sensual/sexual? If so, does she role model how you want to be?
  • Is she artistic/creative? If so, is she unapologetic and bold in how she shares this and is this something you aspire to?
  • Is she healthy/confident in her body/sporty/strong/active/? Are these your values, and do you desire to be more of that?

What words would you use to describe her way of being?

  • Passionate
  • Compassionate
  • Strong
  • Resilient
  • Sensual
  • Sexy
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Unapologetic
  • Spiritual
  • Stylish
  • Confident
  • Self-assured
  • Connected
  • Positive
  • Driven
  • Nurturing
  • Brave
  • Bold
  • Beautiful
  • Optimistic
  • Patient
  • Emotionally intelligent

Doing this exercise will help bring to the forefront desires and dreams that are waiting to be rediscovered.

 It is who you authentically are without the layers of ‘shoulds’ and ‘messaging about what is possible for you’ that you have accumulated over the years.

 It will reveal for you clues not only into who you really are but also who you want to become.

There is great power in knowing what activates you because in discovering that, you will have a clear path to feeling fully alive and excited about life again.

Much like an architect will work with you to capture the details that would go into designing your dream home, as a Vision-Building Mentor, my job is to uncover the details that make up the woman you want to be and all that you want to do and have so that together we can design your dream future.

 It is the difference between boldly shimmying into the driver’s seat and courageously taking control of the wheel or passively sitting in the passenger seat.

It’s your choice.

The characters in movies that captivate our hearts and minds can be an unexplored treasure chest of intriguing insights into long-buried desires, inner callings and insights into the woman you want to be.

So what are the movies you have watched that you LOVED and have likely watched more than once?

Who is the heroine / the leading lady / the femme fetale you feel:
(a) most aligned with (share values, philosophies, passions, etc.)
(b) most inspired by (the choices she makes and her way of being)

It may be one character, or you may have a couple.

It is likely that there will be one movie that jumps immediately into your mind, and if that is the case, don’t overthink it, don’t make it wrong or right, just explore why and you may find it unlocks things about you that you have tucked away or hidden in the deep recesses of your mind due to current beliefs about (i) who you ‘should’ be, (ii) how you ‘should’ act, and (iii) what is possible for you.

Now make yourself a cuppa, grab a journal, and rewatch the movie through a lens of curiosity, taking particular notice of who she is more so than what she does.

As a Vision Building Mentor, Life Coach, and CEO of The Vision Builders Academy, I have been supporting women to design and bring to life their dream future since 2017.

 And I want you to know that when you are ready to step fully into being the magnificent woman you were born to be, I am here.

 All you need do is ask.

 Simply hit reply to this email, with the words “I would love to know more”, and I will take it from there.